How Web Writers Can Get the Most Out of Stock Photos

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An interview with Steven Noble, an Account Executive for Getty Images

Wealthy Web Writer Platinum member and contributing writer, Mandy Marksteiner, recently had the opportunity to speak with Steven Noble, an account executive for Getty Images. She took advantage of the interview to ask his advice on how web writers can make the best use of stock images to enhance their work.

Mandy Marksteiner: What are the different things Getty offers?

Steven Noble: Getty owns several companies in the digital world or digital space. The two primary websites other than Getty Images are iStock and we also own Thinkstock.

With iStock, we have two different product categories. One of which is all exclusive images to us. Those are from photographers that we really want to work with who are exclusive with us.

Getty has access to some really good images and video between the three sites.

MM: How can freelancers choose the best way to use Getty Images, for themselves and for their clients?

SN: Using images makes everything more effective.

People have always used images for printed collateral, advertising, and websites. Today, people use stock images for things like social media, PowerPoint presentations, and blogs.

The fact is, websites with images simply get more views. They get more stick time, they call it, where people will actually stay on the page and engage. My blogger customers tell me that if they use an image right next to an article, it will get typically three times the readership than if it did not have an image.

I think part of that is because your eye goes to the image, and because you’re there, you see the article. Studies have shown, people can view an image and recognize it in just a millisecond. As opposed to having to read something and decipher it.

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