How to Sidestep Common Writing Mistakes for Instantly Stronger Copy

Man experiencing writer's blockDate: July 27th, 2017
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Copywriting
Presenter: Sandy Franks

Everyone makes mistakes. And that includes writers. But smart writers look for ways to learn from the errors of others.

As AWAI’s Advanced Training Copy Chief, Sandy Franks reviews a lot of writing. She knows what mistakes writers are most likely to make, which errors have the biggest impact on response, and how you can sidestep these land mines and immediately improve your copy.

In this live interview Sandy shares her secrets, including:

  • The number one result-killing mistake that writers make.
  • Quick fixes to dramatically improve how easy your copy is to read.
  • How to tell immediately where the opportunity gaps are in your copy… and how to fill them in…
  • The four things that lose readers, and how to spot them.
  • And much more.

Join us for this live interview, and discover ways you can instantly improve your writing.

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  • Is there a way to save or send a reminder for this? Also, are these recorded and available after the fact?

    • Hi Jessica,
      Yes, the sessions are recorded and usually available very shortly after the event.
      Login info is also usually sent out just before the event… I usually put these in my phone/calendar and a bunch of reminders. 🙂

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