Running Your Own E-letter: From Building Your List to Making Sales – Session Six

Daily Planner Dream Big ConceptHow Daily Emails Can Take Your Business to a New Level

Date: August 29th
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Email Marketing
Presenter: Ben Settle

In this Roadmap Tutorial, you’ve already learned all the steps you need to use an e-letter to build your business. But there’s another approach you can take that is also proven successful. And, if you have a product to sell like a special report or a webinar, this approach can be a huge help when it comes to building an alternative income.

In this session, email marketing expert Ben Settle joins us to share his take on using email to build your web-writing business.

During this session, he’ll share his ideas about:

  • Sending out daily email messages.
  • Why shorter messages are almost always better.
  • How to develop a voice your audience will connect with.
  • Why you should sell in every message you send.
  • And more.

What you learn in this session will give you the tools to monetize your list in a variety of ways.

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Wealthy Web Writer

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