WordPress Updates You Need to Know About

Update Window Pop up Alert ConceptI’ll tell you what I like about WordPress…

Hardly an update goes by that doesn’t add some really useful functionality.

Most software updates just fix bugs, address security vulnerabilities, and deal mostly with stuff that’s “under the hood.” Because of this, it’s easy to gloss over a list of updates and not really pay much attention to them.

However, with WordPress, they always seem to toss in new functionality that’s really useful.

And, they’ve done it again with WordPress 4.8.

So much so, that I have to tell you about it!

The best part is that many of the recent feature updates are things you used to need a plugin to do.

But before I get into this latest round of updates, let’s look back at some of the cool things that have been added recently:

WordPress 4.5 Updates

Built-In Preview

This one is hard to see, but once you click “Customize,” you’ll see three site preview buttons near the very bottom left-hand side. These can be used to preview what your page or post will look like on desktops, tablets, and phones. 

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