Reality Blog: Have a More Productive Writing Day — Starting This Afternoon


So much attention has been given to having a morning routine. And enough high achievers swear by having one that there is surely something to it…

Yet an early routine that includes time for themselves or their writing business just isn’t practical for some people. And if you’re one of them, it’s okay!

Maybe you have to deal with the complex logistics of getting multiple kids out of the house. Maybe you just prefer sleeping later. There are a multitude of reasons why it might not be right for you.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the benefits of establishing some routines later in your day. For example, if you’re anything like me, you could probably benefit from having an afternoon routine. Maybe you get drowsy after lunch (I do). And maybe you’re more likely to be distracted and waste time at that point in the day (yeah, me too…).

Here are a few benefits of an afternoon routine:

  • The reason you might make worse decisions in the afternoon is that willpower depletes as the day goes on. It’s a finite resource that needs to be renewed.

    But by setting up and sticking to an afternoon routine, you’ll protect yourself from falling victim to bad decisions.

  • Sometimes, people force themselves to rush into action in the morning. You feel the need to start being productive quickly, so you start working on something — anything — to get going. But what you pick to start with may not be the most important thing. Or it may not be the way you want to start your day.

    Conversely, other people find that without a plan, they don’t know where to start… and end up wasting a lot of the morning deciding what to do first.

    An afternoon routine gives you the opportunity to plan to start the following day based on your temperament and priorities.

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Candice Lazar

Candice Lazar is a copywriter and marketing consultant. Her specialty is copy that helps clients develop long-term relationships with their customers.


  • Loved this article since I still work a full-time job in addition to my writing. And I know I’m not getting up any earlier!

    I try to plan my tasks for the week and then I know exactly what I need to do when I get home each day.

    I have recently begun using a gratitude journal and I really enjoy it. In fact, sometimes I write in it twice a day. Once in the AM and again in the PM.

    Thanks again for reminding us that everyone has to find their own routine and time.


    • My pleasure, Sandra! I’m glad you enjoyed it – and I’m glad you’ve figured out what works for you.


  • Thanks, Candice..this was really helpful! I’ve been so intent on fashioning my morning routine, and have it down, that I haven’t paid attention to the fact that I can actually improve that “afternoon slump” … I think a walk will help … I’ll be thinking about other ways to arrange the later part of my day for better productivity!

    • Sounds great, Joyce. I know you’ve been working on your morning routine – awesome. Thanks for commenting! Candice

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