7 Socially Savvy Ways for Using Testimonials to Attract New Clients

What others say about you in testimonials is persuasive, compelling… and powerful. It’s social proof that you’re good at what you do, which helps prospects make the decision to hire you. So, are you actively using testimonials to attract new clients?

The “standard” and expected way to use a client testimonial is to post it on a Testimonials or Reviews page of your website. And, you should do that.

But, if your goal is to attract new clients with your testimonials, there are additional things you can do to proactively boost your success. These strategies have worked for me, and they can absolutely work for you, too.

Consider these 7 unexpected and socially savvy ways to use testimonials to attract new clients…

1. Write a “mini case study” blog post featuring the testimonial and drive traffic to it from your social media channels.

Kathy Laughlin is Mary Kay Director. She came to me for help in devising and implementing a Facebook video strategy. Her goal was to engage and motivate her team to sell enough product to earn the status of a Cadillac Unit (earning Kathy her Mary Kay pink Cadillac for the year). She got the car and gave me a fabulous testimonial about how I helped her do it. I wrote a mini case study blog post around her testimonial and used this image to drive traffic to it.

2. Take a photo of the person giving the testimonial — ideally at their place of business — then choose a compelling sentence or phrase from the testimonial to place as a text overlay onto the photo.

Post the meme to social media with the full testimonial in the body text of your post.

For example, Sara Sordi is a client for whom I’ve written website copy, email copy, sales letters, postcards, flyers and brochures. Here’s a social meme I created from one of the testimonials she’s given me.

3. Use a brief excerpt — or the entire testimonial, if space allows — on your sales pages and/or proposals. Be sure to match the kind of work you’re hoping to get with the work mentioned in the testimonial.

This is one of my client testimonials I use on proposals for website copy:

“I used Michele for a rewrite of our website. She was timely, cost-effective, and overall did a great job. We used her for another website, since we liked her work so much the first time. I would readily recommend her.” ~ Robert L. Peters, Attorney

And this is another I use when social media copy is also part of the package:

“Michele Peterson at Exactly Write does an excellent job advising her clients on the most effective content for their websites and the best uses for social media. She provided great assistance to my real estate practice in the establishment of my website content and social media presence. I highly recommend Michele and Exactly Write for anyone needing help with their website and social media content and use.” ~ Mike Angelos, Broker-Associate at Keller Williams & KW Commercial

4. Print the testimonial — or a compelling portion of it — on the back of your business card. It’s amazing how many people automatically flip a business card over to look at the back. That’s why the back of your card is prime real estate for a client testimonial.

I’ve had multiple testimonials printed on the back of mine, so I can selectively hand out a card with a testimonial that will connect with the person I’m meeting. For example, if I’m meeting a financial advisor or someone from a local CPA firm, I give them a card with the testimonial from Valley Business Bank on the back.


If I’m meeting a realtor or someone in the real estate space, I give them a card with a real estate broker’s testimonial on the back. Someone in the insurance industry? They get a card with an insurance agent’s testimonial. And so on.

Using testimonials that are niche-specific is important because, as Pam Foster says, “Clients are looking for copywriters with a background IN THEIR INDUSTRY.” (Click here to read Pam’s article about niche industries for web copywriters.)

5. Feature the testimonial in a “news release” blog post. People pay just a bit more attention to information classified as news… so write your own news article about the testimonial and the work you did for your client.

This is very similar to the mini case study blog post strategy I suggested earlier, but with a slight difference in how you approach the writing and promotion. Adopt an objective, reporter’s writing style. Answer the “W Questions” of who, what, where, when, and why.

Consider also submitting an actual news release to an appropriate industry organization or news publication for added exposure.

6. Use the testimonial in an email to your existing clients. Tell the story of how you helped this client, and ask if they know anybody who could use help getting similar results. Ask for an introduction… a referral.

When using this strategy, you can include in your email the actual text of the testimonial, an image like any of the examples above, or both! Make it easy for your clients to forward the information to the people they’re referring to you.

There’s an added benefit to sending this kind of email. Sometimes it sparks interest in additional work from your existing clients, too. The referral they send you just might be themselves.

7. Use the testimonial as a story to tell when networking, speaking, or even on a webinar promoting your web-writing services. We know stories are powerful. Stories sell. So, develop YOUR stories based on your client testimonials.

It feels less like bragging when you tell a story based on your client and what they said about working with you. And, that’s a positive from your perspective as well as your audience’s.

When telling the story, quote what your client said in the testimonial whenever you can. This authenticates your story and makes it even more compelling.

How do you get great client testimonials to use in the first place? I shared some of my proven strategies for getting testimonials in 6 Surprisingly Easy Strategies for Getting Stellar Client Testimonials. Be sure to read it if you haven’t already.

As you build your web-writing business — whether you’re a newbie or an experienced veteran — it’s easiest to attract new clients when you build on your successes with your existing clients.

Highlighting that success through these socially savvy ways to use client testimonials can help you do just that.


Michele Peterson

Michele Peterson is a direct response web copywriter, online marketing strategist, speaker, and coach. She draws on 20+ years of sales and marketing experience to help her clients tell their stories, engage their audience, and make more money. On a personal note, she’s the wife of a winemaker, baseball mom, back pain survivor, SF Giants fan, former cheerleader, gardener, master networker, tech geek, avid reader, and fan of all things Disney.

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