AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp — 2017 Live Blog

Date: October 18th through 21st
Time: Real Time
Topic: Direct Response Copywriting Success
Presenters: Carline Anglade-Cole, Richard Armstrong, Jedd Canty, Clayton Makepeace, and so many more!

From October 18th through the 21st, a long list of insightful, experienced, knowledgeable copywriters will be on-site in Delray Beach, Florida sharing their most potent success secrets with web writers and copywriters from around the globe.

And I’ll be there, on the ground, bringing you updates on what’s happening… in real time.

So when Carline Anglade-Cole takes the stage to show you the exact mindset shifts you need to make to switch into high gear, you can read about them here.

And when Richard Viguerie shares the secret structure he uses to write great copy that delivers results, you’ll be able to listen in.

During each session — and there’s a great line up this year — I’ll be right there sharing my favorite takeaways and the most important advice you can start applying immediately toward your own success.

And in between sessions, I’ll be talking with the writers who are here finding out what their favorite takeaways are too.

Plus, you can ask me questions in the comments and I’ll do my best find the answers direct from the experts.

It’s a ton of fun, so I hope you’ll join me. Make sure you check in often during the live event. The updates come fast and furious!

One more thing, if you’re a Platinum member, make sure you’re logged in. There will be exclusive updates that only members can see.

Wednesday, October 18th


Welcome to the Live Blog! Any minute now, we’re going to kick things off with a welcome speech from Katie Yeakle. Stay tuned!


Katie is telling 10k challenge winner Jon Stoltzfus’s success story. And she just noted that sometimes it’s the big bumps in life that bring us to the point of turning our dreams into reality.


Success comes from learning everything you can, meeting people, pushing out of your comfort zone, and taking action. Without action, nothing will happen.


Katie gave an inspiring welcome speech to kick us off, and now Carline Anglade-Cole has taken the stage. Carline is an amazing copywriter, and she’s going to share the three most important things you need to start moving steadily toward achieving your dreams.


Carline asks you to ask yourself an important question. If you haven’t reached your goals yet, what’s stopping you?


The first step to move from dreaming to doing — to prevent anything from stopping you from reaching your goals — is to recognize the power of stories, especially your own story.


Come up with a signature story that showcases a strength you want your clients to know about. By sharing it through a story, your prospects will remember you and you’ll start to grow trust.


You can’t be persuasive when you’re boring. Bring newness to your writing — and way to do that is to bring newness into your life. Break out of your routine.


Carline gave an excellent and funny presentation. That’s it for tonight. Join me tomorrow. It’s going to be amazing!

Wealthy Web Writer Reality Bloggers Christina Gillick, Candice Lazar, and Jim Wright

Thursday, October 19th


Richard Armstrong is taking the stage. I’ve seen him speak before and both times he was one of my favorite speakers, so I’m very excited right now.


Richard is talking about how easy it is to pick the wrong heroes. In the Internet age, there are a lot of copywriting gurus who really haven’t written much copy. Follow and pay attention to copywriters who have delivered repeatedly for their clients.


One of the fastest ways (and best ways) to learn copywriting is to work with someone who already knows copywriting. Many writers make the mistake of trying to learn the ropes on their own. You can do it, but you can do it better with the help of a master.


Richard makes the point that when you’re selling a service, you tend to resist specializing because you worry about losing a sale. But when you’re a buyer, you want a specialist. As a seller, think like a buyer, and specialize. You’ll be able to charge a higher fee and you’ll land higher quality clients.


It’s a mistake to take your successes and your failures too seriously. Analyze your work to figure out what you did wrong, what you did right, and what you can do better.


We had a little break and now Mike Palmer is talking about how you can take ordinary ideas and make them extraordinary. One of his suggestions is to take popular ideas and combine them. He just told a story about how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came to be. In the 80s, mutants, ninjas, and turtles were all hot. Someone had the idea to mash them together… and voila!


Another way to come up with fresh ideas is to zoom in. Learn everything you can about a product or process and focus in on an interesting detail that you can build you sales package around.


Before you start writing a promotion, decide what kind of approach will work best. Should your package tell a story? Should it share a secret? Or make a big prediction? Knowing what kind of promotion you’re writing will help you focus and your writing will always be better when it’s focused.


Mike Palmer is wrapping up with some hands-on work with the crowd. And then up next, we have Jedd Canty. Stay tuned!


Jedd Canty is officially on stage, and he’s breaking down the process he uses to write winning promotion after winning promotion. He starts with a quote from Henry Bingaman.

“Research is the process of asking questions that lead to more questions.”


Jedd does an extensive amount of research when preparing for a package. He starts with a question and then he finds an article he thinks can answer that question.

He notes the article title and source and copies and pastes the information that answers his question.

Then, he notes all the other big ideas he finds in the article and all the new questions the article raises.

He’ll do this for a hundred or two hundred articles, following new questions to new questions and more new questions all the while collecting more and more big ideas.

Most copywriters don’t do this amount of research and it shows in their work.


Two years ago — I think it was two years ago — Richard Armstrong shared his writing process. I think any writer who combined what Richard taught in that session with what Jedd Canty has shared in this session could become an absolute phenomenon.


Clayton Makepeace is up next, and trust me, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and he is so willing to share.


Clayton starts his session by reminding us all that learning from the mistakes of others is a sign of wisdom.

He’s sharing 17 copywriting blunders he’s encountered from copywriters submitting work to him. They all make six figures a year. Mistakes aren’t fatal. But why not avoid them if you can?


One of the mistakes writers make is lacking conviction. When you write a headline and a lead, make sure it’s all about your prospect, take a strong position, and sell it.


Do not make your readers work to figure out what you’re trying to say. Make sure your charts and graphs communicate a clear point. Make sure you write the way your audience talks. Offer clear substantiation when you make a claim.


It’s time for lunch. I’ll be back in a bit to cover John Forde and Jen Stevens as they talk about the number one thing you can do to improve your copy right away.


I’m back and John and Jen are on stage, talking about one of the most important things any writer can learn… and that is how to get to know your audience.

You need to know what your audience believes, what they know about what you offer, and what they know about you.


One of the most important things you can learn is how aware your prospect is of your product, of the problem you solve, and of how much that problem impacts their life.

This will affect how you speak to your audience.

John makes the analogy that when you’re at a party, you talk to people you know differently than you do to people you’ve just met. The same is true when you write your copy.


Steve Slaunwhite is talking about B2B copywriting, specifically lead generation.

He says, you might like B2B lead generation copy if you like…

…writing low-hype persuasive copy.
…good pay rates.
…short assignments.
…having fun.


Right now the best lead generation tools are white papers and webinars. When you’re writing for lead generation focus on the offer — the free webinar or white paper — rather than the related product.


When tackling a lead generation project, if the title of the offer (the white paper or webinar) is boring or confusing, rewrite it. Your client will appreciate that you’re doing everything you can to make the campaign successful.


Ilise Benun has joined us to talk about the things you need to do and say to land good client and gracefully decline bad clients.


Ilise just said something I really love: “Don’t worry about confidence.” We hear so often that we have to be confident. Then if we’re not feeling confident, it’s easy to feel stuck. She points out that confidence grows over time through practice and competence.


Part of being a copywriter means talking to clients. A great way to introduce yourself to potential clients is by asking questions. Get them talking about themselves and it will help you figure out what they need and whether or not you’re a good fit to help them.


Questions to help you close the deal:
*Do you have any final questions on my proposal?
*Have you made a decision?
*Are you ready to get started?


Whew! It has been a full, full day. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. I’ll be back here first thing tomorrow to share some of the best insights from Brian Clark.

Friday, October 20th


Good morning, Wealthy Web Writers! This morning, we’re going to hear from Brian Clark, Perry Belcher, Nick Usborne, Joshua Boswell, and more!


Former Reality Blogger Christina Gillick was the member spotlight this morning. She made a wonderful point. She said that when someone asks you to do a project and you’re afraid you won’t be able to handle it, remember that the client believes in you. She said, “Who do you want to believe? Fear? Or Opportunity?”


Brian Clark has taken the stage!


Brian notes that people have become more concerned with who they want to become than what they want to buy. One of the results is that you can learn more about someone from who they follow on Instagram than you can by looking at their demographic information.


Brian shares an interesting statistic. 70% of companies do not have a documented content strategy. They are using content, but they aren’t sure exactly what they’re doing. If you can help them figure that out, that’s a big value you provide.


One of the keys to figure out a content marketing strategy is to identify your core values. Then you can strongly attract the people you resonate with and gently repel those who aren’t a good fit.


Study Joseph Campbell’s monomyth the Hero’s Journey. It applies to the buyer’s journey as well. But remember with content — you are not the hero — the customer is. Your client is the guide, and you help make them that.


So, some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that I just got asked to interview Brian Clark for Wealthy Web Writer, so that will be coming up on the site in the next couple of weeks. But the bad news is that means I can’t cover Perry Belcher.

I will be back here to cover Nick in an hour though!


I’m back after a great interview with Brian. A quick update. There was a change while I was away. Nick Usborne and Perry Belcher switched slots. So we missed Nick 🙁

But Perry is on the stage!


If you want to be successful at selling with your writing, your first step is to really understand your buyer’s end result, and it probably isn’t what it looks like on the surface. You have to dig for it.


Common reasons people buy:
*to make them feel better about themselves.
*to remind themselves of and tell others who they are.
*to make their lives easier.


There are common reasons people don’t buy:
*Fear of embarrassment
*Giving offense to others
*Being criticized
*Having to do more work
*Feeling guilt


Get ready for some great client-landing tips with Joshua Boswell!


Why are some writers ready to respond to client needs — even if they don’t have any experience — and other writers are unprepared?

That’s the first question Joshua is going to answer for us today.


To make sure you fall into the group of writers who are ready to respond to clients and to whom clients respond to (yes, I just used the word ‘whom’), start by choosing a niche you’ll enjoy and that is profitable. And then put together an offer you know clients will respond to.


Where most writers struggle is in choosing a niche. Finding a profitable niche requires an understanding of business, and understanding of what a niche is, and confidence in your selection process.


You can choose a niche confidently by…
*listing the writing services you want to offer.
*listing the niches you might want to write for.
*choose a niche that uses a lot of the kinds of copy you like to write.


Once you have a niche, look for ways to automate your marketing, so that clients flow to you. This prevents the feast or famine cycle and sets you up to enjoy ongoing success and uninterrupted freedom.

Saturday, October 21st


Good morning! It’s our final day and our final session. Ann Handley is about to take the stage. Ann is the Chief Content Marketer of Marketing Profs. And she’s the author of Everybody Writes.

She’s here to talk to us about how we can level up our career.


If you get into content marketing, the buyer’s journey will become very important to you.

Buyers begin with awareness, they move into consideration, from there they make a decision, and then there’s retention where they come back again and tell other people about their experience.


“Marketing is an opportunity to distinguish yourself.” -Ann Handley

Ann doesn’t outsource any of her marketing. She answers her own tweets. Writers her own content.


Your clients don’t just hire you as a professional. They also hire you as a person. Don’t be afraid to weave your non-writing passions into your marketing message.


When Ann writes, she has a single person she knows in mind and she tries to help that single person solve a problem.


Ann challenges you to be Bigger, Bolder, and Braver in your own marketing.


Ann’s four favorite writing tools:

*Answer the Public
*BuzzSumo Question Analyzer
*Other humans


Ann’s parting words are to do work you’re proud of. And to have FUN!

It’s been a great Bootcamp. And a great Live Blog. Thank you for joining me!!!

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.


  • This is great! Looking forward to the updates. You bet I’ll check in frequently.
    Wanted to be there in person but couldn’t make it.
    Thank you AWAI for this special treat!

  • Thanks, Heather, for this great way to stay in touch with what is going on at Boot Camp. I couldn’t attend this year, but look forward to next year.

  • Heather, thanks so much for the updates. What a great concept to share the Bootcamp events with all who were unable to attend. Great information and definitely thought-provoking. I can’t wait for today’s sessions.

  • OK, I’ve been to these sorts of events (in real estate and publishing) and am in AWE of your mastery of the synopsis, Heather! Your ability to summarize massive amounts of information into manageable chunks of content is an incredible talent. Live, no less! Thank you for your attention to detail. I have become an avid fan! 🙂

      • Awwww…It’s only because it’s true. I really enjoyed reading your summaries.

        Like this:

        “Ilise just said something I really love: ‘Don’t worry about confidence.’ We hear so often that we have to be confident. Then if we’re not feeling confident, it’s easy to feel stuck. She points out that confidence grows over time through practice and competence.”

        In other words, Just do it! 🙂

        I love the encouragement we get from you guys. And the speaker lineup was impressive.

        I didn’t have the bandwidth to make it to this year’s Bootcamp. Your live blog was successful in getting me excited about attending next year, for sure!

        Thanks again, Heather et al. AWAI is the best!

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