How to Choose a Tablet for Your Web Writing (Part 2)

How To Choose a TabletIn Part 1 of this series, you read about how helpful tablets can be for your web writing, and an overview of the industry and types available. This part of the series focuses on helping you figure out what you need before you walk into a store or order online.

Companies release new models fairly frequently (at least once a year by many of them), but your criteria won’t change unless you change how you work. Understanding that gives you the power to pick a tablet that will suit you, no matter what or when companies decide to make changes.

The Criteria

Generally speaking, I think most people immediately think of price when purchasing a high-tech gadget. And budget is certainly important, but there are other criteria that are more so.

For example, if you determine you need a tablet that costs $1,000 you can save up for it if you can’t afford it now. But if you buy a $300 tablet, and later discover you need the features only offered on the $700 model, then you’ll likely have a severe case of buyer’s remorse. And unless you’re extremely lucky, you’ll never resell it for what you paid originally.

So, I’ve put these criteria in the order that I think makes the most sense from that perspective. What I mean is that budget is important, but also flexible — in the sense that you can save to make a larger purchase.


I’ve explained this in more detail in Part 1. Decide if you want to use Windows, iOS (iPads), or Android. Many people will know immediately which one they want. If you don’t have a strong opinion on the subject, ask yourself what you already use now (on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop) and go with that.

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  • Wonderful advice. I’ve been thinking about getting a tablet or a 2-in-1. I’ll use the information in your articles to help make the best decision. Thank you!

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