How to Turn Your Doctor, Lawyer, or Accountant Into Your Client

Taking the time to manage a health condition, legal transaction, or tax issue is often considered an annoying interruption for a passionate writer. But with a little thought and preparation, it can lead to new work for your writing business.

We all need to periodically visit physicians, attorneys, and accountants. Few of these professionals have the time and/or ability to write an effective website bio, let alone a blog. Going forward, keep this in mind when booking those obligatory appointments, and be open to and ready for the opportunities that may come up.

Whether you choose to work with a lower-cost up-and-comer or a highly rated veteran, these professionals will always need to remain competitive. By choosing your service providers strategically and communicating with them diplomatically, you may just inspire them to contract with you for a variety of writing assignments.

1) Choose strategically  

It’s common to choose professionals who are recommended by personal acquaintances, but if possible, also try to choose a doctor, lawyer, or accountant who:

  • Doesn’t have very many ratings on Google or other review sites
  • Doesn’t yet have a personal website
  • Doesn’t yet have an expansive social media presence

2) Research thoroughly

Don’t you love to hear clients say they chose you because of a unique flair or ability beyond your writing proficiency? So does your chosen doctor, lawyer, or accountant.

Before your appointment, take some time to do a deep dive on the service provider. Read their reviews on Google, Healthgrades, and Avvo, and look for hints about how you might help. Visit their LinkedIn profile and their web page if they have one.

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Oryna Schiffman

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