Reality Blog: Deeper Lessons from Working on a Personal Project

Another month — another quarter — down. (To me, it feels like someone is just tearing the pages off the 2017 calendar!)

And with the end of the quarter comes time to revisit my Money-Making Website project. I’d told you last month that I was behind on it, but I still planned to launch by the end of September.

First, the bad news. I never caught up. I actually fell further behind, primarily due to Hurricane Irma. I ended up deciding to put my work on hold the week before so I could finish a couple of projects while I still had electricity and Internet service.

It was unnerving to completely clear my calendar, but once the weekend of the storm arrived, I was glad I’d done it. Because try as I might, I just couldn’t focus on work. I was alone (my ER doctor husband was at work), glued to the weather reports, Facebook, and my neighborhood IM chat… and that was pretty much it.

As soon as things returned to normal, I wanted to drum up some business… but I also really wanted to spend some serious time on my Money-Making Website. So I’ve been contacting a few clients and warm prospects here and there, while spending most of my time focusing on my site.

That’s where the good news comes in. I did launch before the end of the quarter!

You can check the site out at

It’s certainly not finished. There’s zero monetization yet. I don’t have a contact form or an About page. And I intend to still add another Tier 2 page later (i.e., one of the main subpages on the homepage menu).

But the overall site is there, with the basic tone, structure, and look I want. Or I guess I should say, the look I think I want. Because it’s a little different from some of the competing sites. Those sites are often blogs, or styled to look like a blog.

When I first started this project, I decided I wanted something that looked a little cleaner and more professional than some of the others I’d seen. I’m kind of nervous to be doing something that’s so unlike the competition. At the same time, some of those sites haven’t been updated in a few years — so maybe they’re not really my competitors anyway?

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Candice Lazar

Candice Lazar is a copywriter and marketing consultant. Her specialty is copy that helps clients develop long-term relationships with their customers.

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