The Secret to Understanding SEO Part 1: 3 Easy Steps

Search Engine OptimizationAre you ever frustrated with your search engine rankings?

Or worse, have no idea what to do to make them better?

Before you head off on a wild goose chase looking for the latest tactic, know that the key to solving the mystery that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lies in looking at the big picture… not in individual tactics.

In my work doing website and SEO audits, I often see people looking for the next magic solution to finally solve SEO, but often, the solution is to step back and look at what they’re trying to achieve.

By following these outlined three steps, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of SEO, and not only that, you’ll be less affected by coming changes in this ever-evolving field.

Step 1: What Google REALLY Wants

The first key to truly “get” SEO is to understand what Google really wants.

Google is a business, and like almost all businesses, they’re in it to make money.

And how do they do that?

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Jim Wright

Jim is a writer, teacher, consultant, and an advocate for clarity in communication. He helps clients make sense of their online presence, and translates tech-speak into plain English.


  • Thanks, Jim!

    I enjoyed the insights you share in your article.

    I’m beginning to have this same conversation with a client for the new website I’m writing for them.
    The same key points came up in our meetings the other week.

    However, the client is under the impression that only the graphic designer holds the key to SEO, by adding an SEO plug-in to the new website…magically sky-rocketing the client’s new site to the top of the search chart.

    I see there is a Part 2 (or more) to this article coming soon…and SEO-plug-ins may be addressed in the near future?

    In the meantime, how do you see SEO plug-ins fitting into the conversation of understanding SEO? How have these plug-ins changed with the times? And what in your opinion, is the best approach for a marketer and copywriter to use with them, if any?

    Please advise. I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you in advance,

    Cindy Reed

    • Hi Cindy,

      You’re welcome… glad you enjoyed it!

      I’m not sure I agree that only the graphic designer holds the key to SEO… after all, they’re keyWORDS… not keyIMAGES… 🙂

      A good SEO plugin will allow you to customize optimization fields like the Title and Description tags, create sitemaps to submit to the search engines, and with some, give you a “score” on you’re doing with your optimization. They’re certainly not a magic pill that will just create results out of thin air. In Part 2 of this article, I will share some simple optimization that is within your control, and will make a difference, but by and large, the two biggest things you have have for good SEO are 1. Great search-worthy content, and that leads to 2. good backlinks.

      Hope that’s helpful, and glad you took the time to comment… thanks again for the feedback!



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