Reality Blog: How to Power Up Your Business During the Holiday Lull

Happy holidays!

There’s always fun to be had at this time of year. But in the midst of all the business wrap-up, holiday parties, and general madness over the past month, you may have let something slip by:

Taking care of yourself.

And even if you’ve already gotten all your gifts, there’s one you can give yourself that’s invaluable… and it has no hard costs!

I’m talking about time.

With this being a quiet week for so many businesses, it’s a great opportunity fit some “you time” into your schedule without disrupting your client work. You can use it however you’d like: to clean up your home office… plan a new marketing campaign for yourself… start or finish an AWAI program… there’s always something you can do to help your writing business.

Four Ways to Stay Productive Between Christmas and New Year’s

Personally, I’m visiting family this week, and am not sure yet how much spare time I can expect. But I know some of the things I’d like to work on in whatever time I do have (in no particular order). Do any of these sound familiar to you?

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Candice Lazar

Candice Lazar is a copywriter and marketing consultant. Her specialty is copy that helps clients develop long-term relationships with their customers.

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