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Our five finalists have each written four posts for the Wealthy Web Writer site. And now it’s up to you — the Wealthy Web Writer members — to decide who our Reality Blogger will be for 2018.

Andrew Murray

In his first post, Andrew shared why it is key to review your big long-term goals before picking a niche and showed why this can be so important using his own goal and niche-picking process.

In his second week, Andrew discussed one of the most important traits you can have if you plan to launch a Money-Making Website, including why this trait matters so much and a simple way you can cultivate it.

Then, Andrew shared a personal account of how he lined up a call with one of his top prospects. In this post, he reveals the steps he went through to prepare for the call and to calm his nerves.

And in his final post, Andrew wrote about a networking event he attended recently. Now normally, he doesn’t much care for networking events, but he really enjoyed this one and got a lot of value out of it. Find out what made the difference.

Phoebe King

In Phoebe’s first post, she digs into a topic most writers are familiar with — procrastination. She shows you why you tend to put things off and gives you some easy ways to stay on task.

In her next post, Phoebe reveals the strategy she uses on LinkedIn to find and connect with warm leads — the kinds of leads who fit the description of her ideal clients… and who are more likely to become clients as she gets to know them better. Her strategy is one you can easily apply to your own writing business.

Then, Phoebe shares a story about a project gone wrong. Those projects do happen. The ones that are a complete headache… and where the client drags their feet over paying you. Read up on how Phoebe handled the situation, and what she’ll do differently to avoid similar circumstances in the future.

In her final post, Phoebe gives an inside look into her writer’s journey so far, and reveals some of the resources that have made the most difference in her progress.

David Vigna 

In his first post, David shares his experiences with a recent writing assignment, including the lessons he learned about making future projects run more smoothly.

Then, in his second post, David talks about how to be a writer and stay healthy. Writers tend to sit a lot, which takes a toll. David shows you four easy ways to make sure you’re taking care of your health so you can enjoy maximum productivity.

Next, David shares four techniques he uses to make sure his writing is a top priority… and that he’s always putting his best work forward.

And then in his final post, David looks at the importance of writing well — of not overwriting and choosing words that work hard to convey your point clearly and concisely. There are plenty of online tools available to support you in your quest to be a better writer and David shares some of his favorites.

Tracy Wilson 

In her first post, Tracy shares the three things she’s found to be most critical to achieving success. If you’re feeling stuck, her three keys may be just the push you need to get moving again.

One of the biggest challenges faced by writers who haven’t yet transitioned out of their day job is finding time to make everything work. That’s what Tracy tackles in her second post, and she gives you nine ways to get the most out of the time you have.

Then, in her next post, Tracy discusses the power of a good routine. Good routines are built on positive habits, which can be difficult to form. Tracy gives you a formula to develop positive habits that will stick.

Then in her final post, Tracy shares a personal anecdote that shows how setting goals and making a plan go hand-in-hand. If you’re having trouble reaching your goals, it may be because you’ve skimped on drawing up your plan to reach them. Tracy shows you how to do that.

Nanette Metz 

Do you love to write but dread the idea of contacting clients? You wouldn’t be the first writer who has felt that way. In her first post, Nanette shares how she’s overcoming that dread using a simple, non-scary way to connect with clients on LinkedIn.

In her second post, Nanette looks at deadline avoidance, and then she reveals five ways you can put deadlines to work. Her list of five will help keep you on task, so no more missed deadlines.

If you haven’t sent out your holiday cards yet, check out this post from Nanette. She breaks down the process into simple steps so you can have meaningful cards written up and sent out without all the stress.

In her final post, Nanette digs into making connections online. She looks at the pros and cons, the advantages and the fears. And then she reveals an easy way to get started making those connections.

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