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At Wealthy Web Writer, we want to give you every tool possible to help you increase your success

To that end, this year, we are adding a monthly practice assignment to the many features you enjoy on Wealthy Web Writer.

Each month, we’ll provide a made-up assignment brief. The industries will be picked at random. The clients are completely fictional. And the assignments will vary.

You can use this practice assignment in a few different ways.

You can work on it on your own and share it with your network of fellow writers to get feedback on what you’ve done.

You can post your work to our Online Copywriters group to solicit feedback there.

Or you can submit your assignment for a possible live review on Wealthy Web Writer. At the end of each month, I will select up to three submissions to review in a live webinar event. Scary, right? But also good. Really good. You get professional-level feedback, which is one of the fastest ways to move your writing to the next level.

Now keep in mind, by submitting your assignment, you are not guaranteed a review. And you are agreeing to have your assignment reviewed in a public forum, if selected.

All right, now that we have the rules out of the way, let’s tackle our first assignment…

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  • What format is the copy submitted. PDF? Or as HTML:
    This is all new to me. It has been many years since I worked on web servers. I am going to try to participate.

  • Hi,

    Are we to go somewhere else for the brief, or should we just make up the company and the website homepage niche on our own?


    Jennifer 🙂

    • This is the brief…

      The Client: The Organic Baby Bed Company

      The Overview: This company sells organic mattresses and bedding for infant cribs, toddler beds, cradles, and more.

      Their site educates visitors about the dangers of volatile chemicals that mattresses give off and provides alternative products that are safer for infants and small children.

      The primary goal of the homepage is to get visitors to sign up for a free report on the health threats that non-organic mattresses present to infants and young children.

      The second goal is to provide an easy path to purchase for ready buyers.

      Your assignment is to write the copy for the homepage. You have a 500-word cap.

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