How to Get Hired! Top Five Things I Look for in a Writer…

Date: January 30th, 2018
Time: Noon, Eastern Time
Topic: Working with Clients
Presenter: Rebecca Matter

When looking to hire a writer, clients want to see your samples. But they look beyond the writing before deciding to hire — and rehire you!

These non-writing traits can mean the difference between whether or not you land a client. But even more importantly they will have a huge influence over how much repeat business you get.

In this live webinar, Rebecca Matter — the founder of Wealthy Web Writer and someone who hires a lot of writers — shares what she looks for in a good hire.

These are traits you can cultivate that will make it easy for your clients to come back to you again and again. And give you a competitive advantage over other writers in your niche.

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Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter

President of American Writers and Artists, Inc and founder of Wealthy Web Writer, Rebecca has over 20 years of direct marketing and publishing experience.


  • I’m really looking forward to this webinar. I consider very important to my education as a copywriter.

    Incidentally, than you so much for making Wealthy Web Writer so affordable!

  • For those of us just starting out, there’s so much to remember and juggle. When we look to you for training as well as hoping to have the opportunity to write for Wealthy Web Writer or AWAI, it is also easy to forget that the two functions are two different roles we must play. Training with you, we are free to be learners full of questions and uncertainty. In wanting to write for you, even as guests, we must level up and act like the professionals we have decided to become.
    I had heard the tip about having ideas to present elsewhere. Ramit Seth calls it “The Briefcase Technique,” and suggests that writers and consultants always approach clients with other ideas or proposals prepared. He says that you go into a meeting knowing that once the client is satisfied with your current work, you’ll pull the new material from your briefcase and ask them to consider how you might help them in future. I am glad to have your advice on this as well.
    Thanks for this wonderful webinar, Rebecca and Heather. The 5 things you look for – beyond quality writing – in a writer are such basic things that it’s good to have a solid and timely reminder.

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