Writing a Landing Page – Practice Assignment Brief

One of the fastest ways to improve your writing skill is to practice.

Just the act of writing will help you improve.

The act of writing to meet a set of instructions can help you improve even further.

And then getting feedback on your writing — whether it’s from a fellow writer, a mentor, or simply a friend you trust — can speed you along even more.

At Wealthy Web Writer, we’ve introduced practice assignments to give you the opportunity to write to a set of instructions similar to what you might receive from a client.

Each month, we provide a new made-up assignment brief. We pick the industries at random. The clients are totally fictional. And the assignment types will differ month to month.

You can use this practice assignment in a few different ways.

  • You can work on it on your own and share it with your network of fellow writers to get feedback on what you’ve done.
  • You can post your work to our Online Copywriters group to solicit feedback there.
  • Or you can submit your assignment for a possible live review on Wealthy Web Writer.

At the end of each month, we will select several submissions to review in a live webinar event. Scary, right? But also good. Really good. You get professional-level feedback, which is one of the fastest ways to move your writing to the next level.

Now keep in mind, by submitting your assignment, you are not guaranteed a review. And you are agreeing to have your assignment reviewed in a public forum, if selected.

All right, now that we’ve refreshed the rules, let’s tackle this month’s assignment… writing a landing page.

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Wealthy Web Writer

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    • Certainly. You just want to be transparent that it is an example of what you can do, not work that you’ve done for an actual client.

  • Dear Soccer Express;
    As a valued client I want to be sure I am hitting the mark on our project. Do you have any preferences or suggestions for achieving the greatest visual impact? Are there any Youth Soccer organizations you would like to see linked to the landing page? Thank you for any insights you can provide!

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for your questions. Our team colors are orange and black, so if you were able to weave those in to your design that would be great (although, we are only expecting the writing.) In terms of backlinks, what a great value add! Although, typically backlinks go to a standard web page rather than a landing page. If our local Parks and Recreation organization linked to any of our pages, that would be excellent. Hope these answers are helpful. Thank you!

    • The ideal client is a soccer coach or direct of coaching. They are passionate about youth soccer, may be either male or female, are generally somewhere in the 25 to 40 age range, and they want to provide a great soccer experience for their team, including good skill building exercises, lots of full-field play, and character development too.

  • Just a general comment… thank you so much for your questions. I’m sorry my answers came slowly. I’ve had back-to-back conferences requiring travel, so things have been a bit hectic. Because of my slow answers, I’m extending the deadline to March 2nd.

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