Make Posting to Instagram Easier with these 7 Helpful Tools

Instagram can be an effective part of your marketing strategy.

But… posting to Instagram can eat up a lot of valuable time.

While it’s easy to automate posts to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, it’s a bit trickier with Instagram. That’s because Instagram’s Terms of Service require you to post in real time, and their API (application programming interface) doesn’t allow you to automate your posts.

In the early days, you could only share to Instagram from a phone. That was fine if you were sharing a picture of your fabulous lunch, or that killer shot as you zip-lined across the tree canopy.

It’s not so fine if you’re using Instagram to promote your business.

While scheduling a post on Instagram isn’t as straightforward as scheduling tweets or Facebook updates, there are now ways it can be done thanks to the work-arounds developed by these seven companies.

Two Types of Instagram Tools

There are two types of tools to use for Instagram scheduling: “push” tools and tools for auto-scheduling posts.

The first lets you create your post and assign it a scheduled publication time. When that time rolls around, the program pushes a notice to your phone. There you complete the posting. The tools try to make it as easy as possible to upload the image and copy your accompanying text and hashtags, with just a button push or two.

These “push” tools require you to have both Instagram and their app installed on your phone.

The second type of tool actually publishes the post for you. Once scheduled, you can forget about it.

I’ve not found a free tool that automatically publishes the post for you, so if you want to stick with free, you’ll have to deal with the push notifications and sending the post in real time.

Let’s look at some examples of each type.

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