5 Free Video Editors Every Web Writer Should Consider

Video Editing

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you know video is everywhere.

While creating videos is a multistep process, the part that slows most people down is the editing needed to produce a final project.

That’s because the nitty-gritty details of editing are often tedious and time-consuming.

The trick to making it through that last stage is to pick the right video editor.

The tasks you usually need to do — adding titles, trimming or clipping video, adding audio — are the same regardless of the software you use. But it turns out not all video editors approach these tasks the same way. One version might make it easier for you than another because of how it’s designed to work.

So, the only way to know you’ve got the best one for you is to try a bunch of them out. I’ve picked five you should consider trying. The best part is they are free to use forever. Some of them do offer premium or pro versions if you decide you want more, but it’s not necessary for the basic features.

For each one, you’ll find a brief list letting you know the name, company, what platforms it works on, and other relevant information. In the reviews that follow, you’ll find a description of how the software looks and works.

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