Landing Page Practice Assignment Review

Date: March 16th, 2018
Time: 1pm, ET
Topic: Web Writing
Presenter: Heather Robson

One of the fastest ways to improve your skills is to receive feedback on your work, preferably from someone who is either familiar with  the type of project you’re working on, or from someone in your target audience.

Another way to quickly improve your skills is to observe the feedback other writers have received.

This event gives you the perfect opportunity to do one or the other.

Join us for this month’s Practice Assignment Review Session. The assignment this month was to write a landing page directed at soccer coaches and youth soccer club coaching directors.

You can see the full details of that assignment here.

During this event, Managing Editor, Heather Robson will select and review as many submissions as she has time for in the hour. She’ll go carefully through each, exploring how they deliver on the criteria in the assignment brief, noting what is working well, and making suggestions for improvement.

Join us to get deep insights into writing stronger landing page copy.

Enjoy the Video

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Wealthy Web Writer

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  • Hi Heather. Thank you for the tips that you shared in the Landing Page review.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to use your advice to the others to improve my copy.

    Looking forward to the next assignment.


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