Reality Blog: What Science Fiction Has to Do with Copywriting

I’m a sci-fi junkie. I actually took a science fiction class in college… yes, I’m serious! If I had the time, I’d read every scif-fi book ever written… one of these days.

You know the book’s good when you’re responding to it out loud while cooking dinner with your headphones on.

That’s what happened with an audio book I listened to this week, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. It came out in 2003, but just in case you haven’t read it and you plan to, here’s your SPOILER ALERT. Turn away now… or just sneak your eyes down to the next subheading.

It was one of those dystopian end-of-humanity stories that teeters on the edge between “no freakin’ way” and “I can almost see that happening.”

The narrator, Snowman, tells the story of how he came to be the only living human being left on Earth (to his knowledge). He curses his former friend, Crake, for masterminding the whole twisted plan. Taking it upon himself to solve the world’s problems… overpopulation, disease, war, physical imperfection… Crake genetically engineered the “perfect” humanoid species. He also designed a cure… a disease that would wipe out the human race.

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Tracy Clement Wilson

Tracy's a freelance B2B copywriter, web writer, blogger, science geek, tree hugger, and health food fanatic. When she's not busy with her family, she attempts organic gardening and hangs out with her chickens (the ladies who give her eggs), bearded dragon (her "only"...lizard), and dogs (her office mates).


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