An Update on Pay-per-click Marketing: How to Write Winning Facebook Ads

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Date: March 23rd
Time: 12 pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Pay-per-click Ads
Presenter: Christina Gillick

Successful copywriter and Internet marketer, Christina Gillick, joins Wealthy Web Writer to talk about what has worked for her in terms of pay-per-click advertising, including some low-budget strategies that web writers can use to help their clients (or themselves). Join us to learn more about what’s working in PPC today… even if you’re on a tight budget.

During this webinar, Christina will show you:

  • The four things you need to run a Facebook ad.
  • The best way to get the most out of your budget… especially if it’s tiny.
  • The keys steps to writing an ad that gets attention and results.
  • Real results from real Facebook ads Christina has run for her own company.
  • And more.

Join us for an information, highly useful session.

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  • I can’t see the results pages at all. Is it possible for you to make them darker and larger? I can’t make it any larger or darker with my computer. I’d love to understand this more! There is just no way I can see it. I think even during the webinar, she couldn’t see it to describe it. I did love your yellow arrows, but I couldn’t read what they were pointing to. Thanks.

    • Christina’s internet was down during the webinar, which is why she would ask me where were from time to time. If you play the video at full screen, everything seems very readable to me. Let me know if there are specific slides that are giving you trouble and I may be able to send you images to go with those.

  • Is there a chance to redo an assignment? No excuses, being my first time assignment and it only being one day to work on I think i need one -:)… If it goes beyond the 11th can we still send it in for review?

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