Hot Niches for Web Writers

Date: April 26, 2018
Time: 2pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Choosing Your Niche
Presenter: Pam Foster

Whether you’re first starting out or you’ve been at freelancing as a web writer for a while, you can accelerate your success by choosing a niche market to focus on.

When you select a niche, a lot of good things happen:

  • It becomes easier to distill your marketing message.
  • You have clarity on who you’re marketing to, which makes potential clients easier to find.
  • When companies are looking for a writer within their own niche, it’s easier for them to find
  • You’re able to quickly become a stand-out expert within your niche community… and when that happens, more opportunities start rolling your way.

Join Wealthy Web Writer for a live interview is Pam Foster. Pam created AWAI’s How to Choose Your Writing Niche program. In this live interview, Pam will talk about how and why to choose a niche, she’ll reveal what you should do once you’ve selected a niche, and she’ll talk about some of the current hot niches for you to consider.

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Pam Foster

Pam Foster

As a certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant, Pam is an expert on managing client relationships and has written multiple programs on landing and working with great clients.


  • Dear Pam,
    First of all, I am sorry to have missed your live interview. I can’t wait until the recording of the call becomes available.

    I believe I have chosen a couple of niches. One is natural health, herbs, nutrition. When my daughter was little, I started to study homeopathy, herbs, and nutrition. It all came in handy when I developed a couple of ailments, cancer and osteo arthritis. In both instances, surgery has been avoided and I’m back to normal! The latter is due to The Healthy Back Institute which may be one of AWAI’s clients.

    The other niche is real estate where I’ve had my license since 2002 and am a broker.

    Additionally, I’ve lived in Manhattan for many years. In that time, many small businesses have been overshadowed and closed by big box stores. In an effort to help them increase their revenues to cover high rents, I am writing a series of articles on the different small businesses in my neighborhood. I am hopeful they will be published locally and can land me some clients.

    Kindly let me know if you have any comments on those directions.

    Best regards,
    Erika Roberts

    • Hello Erika ~

      I would like to read your articles on the small businesses being pushed out by the big box stores.
      Denver is experiencing rapid growth and a similar situation with stores and restaurants being pushed out by development.

      Looking forward to reading your articles if that’s possible.
      Therese Schoen

  • Pam,
    Just joined Wealthy Web Writers today and looked at all the education and expert advice available.
    I just found yours but was surprised to see it is $120.00 to listen to.
    Will it be available to members anytime soon?
    Alma Newgard

    • Hi Alma,

      The playback for this event will post on Monday and it is free to members. The editor’s not was regarding a special offer on an AWAI program that Pam created.

  • I am really struggling here. I was in emergency services the majority of my life, until 2005, and left due to health reasons and lose of interest. I have absolutely no interest in that as my niche. Since then I have struggled to find my place, my purpose and gone through so many jobs while dealing with health/weight issues. My love of writing, my pets (dogs/cats) have kept me sane.
    I am just starting a blog, and signed up for Nick’s course Web Content Apprenticeship and am concerned as I simple don’t seem to fit any of the molds for finding a niche. I have a passion for pets but its seems saturated unless I super focus and not sure what that would be. I have a passion for natural living (people and pet) but again am only a dabbler. I have struggled financially for so many years that my hobbies and passions have taken a back seat. I was looking to copywriting as I am good at writing but if I am unable to narrow down something I have to offer, should I rethink all of this and go in a different writing direction than Web Content? I did listen to Nick’s 2 webinars on Picking your Niche, and wonder if picking by expertise would be the way to go? I have only written for my own and helped my daughter with a few of her pages (she is a holistic health coach). Any thoughts, suggestions or other resources is appreciated.

    • Hi Sheila,

      Choosing a niche is definitely valuable and can help you focus your marketing message and efforts. But choosing an expertise can also work very well. (That’s the route I took… I could just never get comfortable in a specific niche.) Some experts, like Bob Bly recommend that you take on any work you can get in as many different industries as possible for a year or two and then use what you learn in that time to hone in on a niche or specialty. So, if niching isn’t feeling natural at this point, don’t panic. Maybe start by focusing your marketing on local clients, get a feel for the kinds of writing you enjoy most, and then build from there.

      • Thank you so much in helping confirm what I was seeing was okay and would work. I actually have two potential local clients I will be talking with this coming week. I am so excited and look forward to this journey.

  • I just joined Wealthy Web Writer, and was listening to comments about finding a niche. I’ve loved
    writing since I learned to read and write, it seems. I’ve written mostly in response to news articles,
    but it was just for venting my anger at what I’d read or heard. I only shared what I wrote with friends
    and family who encouraged me, and often asked me to write letters for them. It was only about two-
    three years ago, when I joined Writers Digest, that I learned you don’t necessarily need a degree in
    journalism to get paid to write. I apologize for going on and on, but I’d like to continue my “talk” with
    you, if I may, and ask a BIG favor of you. About three years ago I started writing for our local chapter
    of AARP. May I show you two – maybe three – of my articles and ask your opinion of my “style” of
    writing? I’d be so very appreciative. I hope you’re still there… reading.

  • So excited to have found this interview. As a previous Vet Tech now going into copywriting, I wasn’t sure how to find my niche. Perfect interview for me, personally. Super helpful

  • Hi! Listening to discussion about niches is fascinating. However, as I listen it seems everything (mostly)
    that interests me is connected to imagination – imagining. Or, listening to discussions on TV, especially
    political, and “voicing” my opinion, and furiously writing down my response. I have composition books full of my responses. Where in a niche can I go with that?!

  • My passions are as follows (not in order) fur babies (dogs and 1 cat), coffee, and travel ( festivals also). Can any of those be a niche? And if so, how?
    Thanks so much for guidance.
    Audrey Gray
    PS. I teach for a living but I think I am getting burned out .

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