Writing a Blog Post — Practice Assignment Brief

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Want to be a better writer?

One of the fastest ways to improve is just to write.

But then the question is, “What should I write?”

Really, you can improve your writing skills by writing almost anything, but if there’s a type of writing you want to be better at, then it makes sense to focus on that.

And it’s even better if you write to a specific set of objectives because then you are practicing both your writing skills and your “working with client skills,” and that’s valuable too.

That is what our Monthly Practice Assignment is all about.

Each month, we provide a new assignment brief. The client is made up and so is the project. We pick the industries at random. And the project type changes each month.

Put this Practice Assignment to work for you by:

  • Working on it on your own and sharing it with your network of fellow writers to get feedback on what you’ve done.
  • Posting your work to our Online Copywriters group to solicit feedback there.
  • Or submitting your assignment for a possible live review on Wealthy Web Writer.

After you’ve had some time to work on and submit your assignment, we will select several submissions to review in a live webinar event. Scary, right? But also good. Really good. You get professional-level feedback, which is one of the fastest ways to move your writing to the next level.

Now keep in mind, we can’t guarantee a review. We almost always receive too many submissions to be able to cover them all. But by submitting your assignment, you are agreeing to have your assignment reviewed in a public forum, if selected.

All right, now that we’ve refreshed the rules, let’s tackle this month’s assignment… Writing a Blog Post. This is a great Practice Assignment because blog posts are something a lot of companies need and they make for a great “foot-in-the-door” project.

So, the details…

The Client: Mountain High Supplements

The Overview: This is a company that offers a wide variety of nutritional supplements, sourced from natural, organic ingredients.

The Audience: The audience is made up of health-conscious individuals who are interested in preventative care or in managing chronic health conditions through natural means. The audience tends to be female, married, and college-educated.

The Project: To write a 500-word blog post focused on natural remedies for chronic headache sufferers. The remedies in the post should not focus on supplements, but on lifestyle choices people can make to help reduce the occurrence of headaches. The voice of the post should be educated but never condescending, concerned, and accessible.

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Wealthy Web Writer

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  • I found it difficult to locate this assignment. Why don’t I get an email from Heather Robson making it clear that she is sending the next WWW assignment? Scrolling to an “update” isn’t the same as getting an assignment.

    • Hi Georgia,

      We are working on making a change to the Member Dashboard so that the current Practice Assignment is always showing. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Hi. Is the client willing to provide an incentive to new customers? When I talk about incentives, I am referring to discounts for new customers.

    • The goal of the post is primarily to build credibility and to attract social traffic to the site. There may also be ads place within the copy, but those will come from the client.

  • Heather, what is the expected turn around time for evaluation? I submitted my practice assignment late last week to your email. Just curious about when to expect some feedback. Thx.

    • Hi Larry,

      Just to clarify… as posted in the brief above, evaluation is not guaranteed. I select several of the submissions to include in a live review webinar. But I cannot review everyone’s. The webinar for evaluations is this Friday. Let me know about questions. Thank you!

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