Reality Blog: Should You Stop Doing It All Yourself?

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I’m a freelancer copywriter. (I just love saying that!) And as a freelancer still in the early stages of developing my business, I’m also my own web designer, accountant, legal advisor… I lose track of the hats I wear.

Sometimes I feel like I should make myself a cape with a giant C (for copywriter) on it…

At some point though, we all (hopefully) reach a place in our businesses where our power set doesn’t cover what we need. That’s when we should consider calling in the advice or help of a colleague or partner. Many of us have our own professional “kryptonite” as well… that thing we’re either afraid to do or just aren’t interested in doing.

When to Go to a Pro

I met with a tax advisor for the first time the other day. One of the things I really liked about her is that she didn’t try to sell me services I don’t need yet. In fact, just the opposite. She gave me the advice I sought, answered all my questions, and made recommendations.

For example, she offered to prepare my taxes if I wanted her to but suggested that at this stage of the game, I could easily get by with free accounting software. (By the way, the first software she recommended was Wave, which I use for invoicing and talked about here… but I hadn’t even thought about using it for anything else.)

Now, I’m a do-it-yourselfer. I don’t like spending money on things I can and want to manage for myself. I paint my own house, prepare my own taxes, and dye my own hair.

However, my do-it-all copywriter superpowers are not infinite. In both business and personal affairs, there are times when paying a pro is the way to go. So, when does it make sense to hire a professional?

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Tracy Clement Wilson

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