Roving Report: How to Write Winning Facebook PPC Ads

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Christina Gillick is a top copywriter, and she also owns a business called Comfy Earrings. For that business, she does a lot of PPC advertising.

Recently, she’s been testing ads on Facebook, and she joined Wealthy Web Writer‘s Managing Editor, Heather Robson, to share her insights and show some real-world results from her Facebook marketing tests.

You’ll find the complete webinar HERE.

4 Things You Need

Christina explained there are four things you’ll need before starting your Facebook marketing campaign. Fortunately, as a web writer, you can provide these for your clients.

#1. Landing Page

Landing pages can include many different elements, depending on the goal for the page.

Christina showed us hers. The goal for her page is to collect leads, so a major element of the page is an opt-in form.

Whatever your landing page includes, “make sure it has all the information you need to convince someone to sign up for your offer,” Christina advised.

#2. Image

The unique thing about the earrings Christina sells is the flat back. That’s what makes them comfy! She likes to use photos of customers wearing the earrings — and she specifically selects pictures that show both the back and front of the earring.

Whatever images you choose, you need explicit permission to use that image. If Christina wants to use a picture a customer has sent in, she always asks the customer to sign off on using it in advertising or for publicity. She also offers the customer a discount coupon on their next purchase as a way of saying thank you. “That way we have written documentation,” she told us.

Even if you’re using photos of family or friends, have them sign a model release form.

#3. Headline

Put your best headline-writing skills to work and be prepared to test several versions.

#4. Ad Copy or Caption

In a PPC ad, you need to keep the copy short and to the point. Christina pointed out:

“This is where, as a copywriter, you can really shine. I know how to write a headline that will really get attention, and I know how to write three sentences that will get somebody to click through.

“Just because it has a tiny bit of text doesn’t mean that anyone can do it. If anything, it’s more difficult and the client needs somebody who really knows what they’re doing.”

Sometimes on Facebook PPC ads, you’ll see the word “more” with a link. This happens when you go over the word limit. Christina works to keep the copy short enough that the link doesn’t show up. “It’s an extra click that detracts from the call-to-action,” she explained.

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