Monthly Member Update – Shoot More Video


Date: August 7, 2018
Time: 3pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Video
Presenter: Heather Robson

It is easier than ever to shoot and share video.

And as a writer, there are a lot of incentives for you to do so. Sharing videos can help your prospects find you through channels they might not have before. And when they watch you on a video it helps them feel more connected to you… which means they’re more likely to reach out and potentially hire you.

If you’ve been hesitating to use video as part of your marketing strategy, what you’ll learn in this session will help you get over whatever is holding you back. Inside, you’ll find out

  • Why video works so well
  • What kind os videos you should be shooting and sharing
  • Ways to leverage your videos and make them go further
  • And more

Plus we’ll explore top content on Wealthy Web Writer, get a sneak peek at things to come, and get your most important freelance web-writing questions answered live.

Join us!

Enjoy the Video Playback

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