Roving Report: An Interview with Lisa Christoffel

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Lisa Christoffel has been copywriting for about three years, and she still has a demanding full-time job. Nevertheless, she’s been making steady progress towards her goal of becoming a full-time copywriter.

Heather Robson, Wealthy Web Writer’s Managing Editor, interviewed Lisa about how she got into copywriting, and what she does to grow her business. The entire teleconference is available to listen to HERE.

Read on for the highlights!

Getting Started as a Copywriter

Lisa got into copywriting because a few years ago, after 27 years in a corporate job, “I looked at the future and decided I didn’t want to be doing this for the rest of my life. I was working 70+ hours a week, and I traveled three or four months out of every year. I wasn’t happy.”

She looked at other opportunities, but they couldn’t stack up financially against her job, which pays very well.

As a subscriber to Mark Ford’s Palm Beach Letter, one day she saw an ad for AWAI’s Six-Figure Copywriting Program.

Since Lisa likes to write, and recognized the financial opportunity available for good copywriters, she plunged in.

Finding the Time

Although Lisa’s job is more than full time, she’s found ways to work copywriting into her day. As a Global Support Manager with operational responsibilities, she’s pretty much on call all the time. However, when there aren’t any fires needing to be put out, she can spend a couple of hours here and there writing or talking with clients.

“It’s a balancing act,” she explained. “I have to prioritize the job first, then try to make sure I can meet my copywriting commitments outside of that time.”

Taking the Next Step

“The next scary step,” Lisa told Heather, is that “this year I’m reaching an inflection point where I have enough leads and work coming in that I’d love to quit the full-time job, but I don’t have enough income yet. So I can’t do that yet.”

Lisa’s looking at transitioning to full-time copywriting in about three more years. Her oldest child just graduated from college, the second is graduating next year, and the third starts in the fall. Before she leaves the financial security her job provides, she needs to be sure she’ll be able to handle those financial commitments.

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