3 Minute Guru: The Way Back Machine

Have you ever visited the Way Back Machine? It can be fun to poke around and see what websites looked like in days gone by. But it can also be very useful to know about this online tool and how to use it. Jim Wright shows you why in this 3-Minute Guru video.

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Jim Wright

Jim is a writer, teacher, consultant, and an advocate for clarity in communication. He helps clients make sense of their online presence, and translates tech-speak into plain English.


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  • WOW! Thank you Jim. This is going to be a huge resource of information for me. I’ve never heard of this Archives site.

  • Great information. Thanks. I had no idea. Going to check a creative writing blog I did years ago.

  • Thank you Jim, hopefully I will never need use it, but I know I will. This is a fantastic resource.

    Thanks again,

    JIm Hamman

  • Yay! Comments. Old, but still they’re nice to see.

    I’ve used the wayback machine for years. I have it saved to my bookmarks bar because I use it every day. If you are a researcher it is an invaluable resource since so many sites have perished over the years.

    The wayback machine is also quite useful for forums since users have an annoying habit of deleting their posts, or sometimes the admins will delete them.

    The wayback machine does not save every single website, nor does it save every single page of every single website, unfortunately. It can be maddening when there are ginormous holes in the archive. But what can you do about it? There is also archive.is, but it is nowhere as good.

    The wayback machine can also be used for piracy. Don’t assume just because you took your product pages down that a wiley thief with the knowhow can’t still find your stuff if your download pages were unprotected and were archived. You can use robots.txt to exclude your site, or just certain sites from the archive if you don’t wish them to be saved.

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