Reality Blog — Trick or Treat: 9 Tricks for Finding Content Ideas

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Have you ever sat and stared at a blank page? Or (like me) avoided opening up that new Word document because you didn’t want to see the empty sheet, opting instead to stare at your desk, or the walls… or maybe the tree outside your window?

It happens to the best of us (or so I’ve heard).

Writers produce a massive amount of content… more than 2.5 million blogs are posted every day on the network alone.

And that’s just blogs. Just on WordPress. It doesn’t include articles posted on social media, web pages, or other-than-WordPress blogs.

Whether writing for your own business or for a client, chances are some of that content is yours.

And each article or piece starts with an idea.

That brings me back to that brand-new, unblemished, blank page… where do 70 million ideas a month come from?

The other day, my friend, Taru Nieminen (from my incredible peer group), was talking about how she gets inspiration and ideas for her daily writing. That gave me the idea to share some tips with you… things I’ve learned from peers and others that I’ve recently discovered, as well as the old “tried-and-true” methods.

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Tracy Clement Wilson

Tracy's a freelance B2B copywriter, web writer, blogger, science geek, tree hugger, and health food fanatic. When she's not busy with her family, she attempts organic gardening and hangs out with her chickens (the ladies who give her eggs), bearded dragon (her "only"...lizard), and dogs (her office mates).

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