How to Survive and Thrive in Facebook Groups, Even When the Rules Constantly Change

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That was awkward…

Not too long ago, I interviewed Edward Reay, a 17-year-old copywriter who gets 100% of his work off of Facebook. Specifically, he did it by writing personal, slice-of-life posts in a Facebook Group where people can hire copywriters and copywriters can get work.

I thought, “If it works for Edward, it can work for me too.” So I started writing my own slice-of-life posts sharing them in the group.

No sooner had I jumped on the bandwagon, the rules changed. Colin Theriot, the Group administrator came out and basically said he didn’t like the anecdotes, no one wants to read them, and that he’d delete them going forward.

He even referenced one of my posts in his rule update. Embarrassing!

I couldn’t help but worry. Did I just make an idiot of myself online? How do you find clients online when the rules are always changing?

Understanding the rules of the Facebook Groups you join is an important survival skill. Here’s what I learned about keeping up.

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Mandy Marksteiner

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