Reality Blog: 5 Points of Gratitude for My Writer’s Life

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This time last year… seems like it was just last week… my writing career started to sprout wings. Before then, I had never had anything published or been paid for anything I had written.

Then I entered two writing contests One was the preliminary submission for the Wealthy Web Writer Reality Blog contest. The second was for Barefoot Writer’s monthly essay contest. The topic of last November’s was what you’re thankful for.

It’s easier to explain what transpired if I give you the week-by-week highlights of my last three months of 2017:

  • October 8 — entered the competition to be the Wealthy Web Writer 2018 Reality Blogger
  • October 17 — went to Bootcamp
  • October 27 — found out I was one of the finalists for the Reality Blog contest
  • November 3 — submitted the first of four weekly articles that made up the final selection process for the Reality Blog contest
  • November 18 — submitted an essay for the Barefoot Writer contest
  • November 29 — learned that I’d won the Barefoot Writer contest
  • December 11 — received an email from a potential client wanting to talk to me about writing weekly articles (they became a regular client)
  • December 27 — received the exciting news that I’d won the Reality Blog contest

Whew! The last three months of 2017 were an incredible whirlwind of successes for someone who thought her writing sucked!

To be honest, I’m not sure how I convinced myself to enter either contest because I truly thought I could not write a decent article to save my life. But I poured my heart into them, gave them my very best effort, and sent them in.

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Tracy Clement Wilson

Tracy's a freelance B2B copywriter, web writer, blogger, science geek, tree hugger, and health food fanatic. When she's not busy with her family, she attempts organic gardening and hangs out with her chickens (the ladies who give her eggs), bearded dragon (her "only"...lizard), and dogs (her office mates).

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