Writing Success Story — Steve Maurer

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Date: November 28, 2018
Time: 2pm, Eastern Time
Topic: The Writer’s Life
Presenter: Steve Maurer

In 2010, Steve Maurer turned to writing to earn extra income on the side. His goal was to make up income lost from a cut back in hours.

That first year he wrote over 400 articles, earning roughly $5 a piece. Steve was heartened to know that people would pay for his writing, but the pace was grueling. Something had to change.

Steve made some changes, and now earns $200 an hour and has doubled his writing income every year since 2013. In this live interview, Steve talks about his business success and shares his take on:

  • Building your writing business while still working a day job.
  • The keys to earning more per project… and per hour.
  • The most useful tools for landing clients.
  • The importance of continuing education.
  • And more.

Join us for a fun, inspiring interview with Steve.

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  • This session is LOADED with practical advice! Heather asked just the right questions. I was deeply impacted by Steve’s comments on his reading list, support group, time management, etc.
    Thank-you so much, Steve and Heather!

    • Connie, you are so very welcome! I truly hope you found some ideas that will propel your copywriting further this coming year!
      Make it happen!

    • Martha, did you find the playback link? The bar up there is the audio for the interview. Just click in the little white triangle and it will start to play.
      Hope this helps!
      Have an excellent day,

  • Heather,
    Thanks so much for this inspiring interview with Steve. It helped me because I am new at this and my own worst critic. I’ve been taking classes and trying to get up the courage to get started. Since I retired four years ago, I’ve had the need to do something but not knowing what, so I’ve been floundering. Last year freelance writing crossed my path, so I thought that I’d pursue it even though I’ve only done writing for my job. Steve helped me know that I don’t have to be perfect and that I should not concentrate on being a full-time student which is what I’ve been doing. I just find it hard to believe that someone will pay me to write for them. My goal is to supplement my retirement income and I want to get started so I am going to get to it.
    Thanks again,

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