Reality Blog: Drum Up Some Business During the Holiday Season

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Tis the season…

Amid the holiday preparations… the shopping, baking, decorating, and partying… and during the extended vacations to visit family in faraway (and not-so-faraway) lands, business still goes on.

Okay, most business still goes on. I realize that some businesses shut down altogether. But for other industries, this is the busiest time of the year.

It sounds to me like a perfect time to offer my assistance!

Why Take Advantage

Whether you’re just starting out, having a slow spell, looking to get your foot in the door, or wanting to boost your income, NOW could be the ideal time. Here’s why:

  • December is, from my experience, S-L-O-W on the productivity end. People take long vacations to travel and visit family and friends. There are parties and celebrations (many being planned and/or taking place during work hours). And parents want time off to be with kids who are out of school on holiday break.

  • Companies might have year-end goals and projects that need to be finished. For some businesses — almost all of those in retail and some B2B companies, too — there’s still a lot of selling (and buying) to be done. There can even be 2018 budget money that needs to be spent.

  • Your prospective clients may be preparing to launch new products early next year… and they might welcome the offer of extra help at a busy time.

It might be too late to start on a 20-page sales letter, but I’d imagine there may be a need for last-minute Facebook ads, banner ads, emails, video scripts… (get the picture?).

Put it all together and you have a lot of potential work to be done (with a lot fewer people to do the work).

Don’t you think it’s the perfect time for a freelancer to offer their assistance?

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Tracy Clement Wilson

Tracy's a freelance B2B copywriter, web writer, blogger, science geek, tree hugger, and health food fanatic. When she's not busy with her family, she attempts organic gardening and hangs out with her chickens (the ladies who give her eggs), bearded dragon (her "only"...lizard), and dogs (her office mates).

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