Roving Report: What’s New and What’s Changing in SEO Copywriting

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is always changing. What worked five years ago, or even five weeks ago, may not work today, as algorithms evolve and Google and the other search engines get better with natural language.

Heather Lloyd-Martin was an early pioneer in the field of SEO copywriting, having started almost 20 years ago. Heather Robson, Managing Editor for Wealthy Web Writer, spoke with her about the current state of SEO copywriting.

The teleconference is HERE for your review.

[NOTE: To avoid confusion, for the remainder of this article, I’ll refer to Heather Lloyd-Martin as “Heather,” and will use Heather Robson’s full name.]

Heather Robson commended the quality of Heather’s work. She told us she had reviewed older articles as part Wealthy Web Writer’s facelift earlier this year, and explained that, “Heather’s stuff is so on point with what Google desires, and so user-centric, that even though some of it was eight years old, it still contains valuable, accurate, useful information. That’s the mark of an expert.”

Heather advocates SEO copywriting that includes “zero nonsense or black hat techniques. Even when Google does major updates, most of her clients are unaffected because she does what Google wants all along,” Heather Robson added.

What Kind of Keyword Research?

New copywriters want to know what kind of keyword research they should do for their websites to be found by potential clients.

Heather noted that while copywriters are great at doing keyword research for clients, they often neglect their own sites.

Heather advised taking two steps.

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