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I’m learning Spanish. Slowly.

I’m using Duolingo, which is a free downloadable app for your smartphone. It’s pretty fantastic. Well organized. Easy and fun to use. Well researched, too. It doesn’t spend a lot time teaching you conjugations, for example. It teaches through exposure, which in my experiences has more staying power than learning something by rote.

Anyway, I don’t mean this to be an advert for Duolingo. But I noticed something interesting when I was doing my Spanish lesson just the other day.

I was stumbling over one of the words. I kept saying “cansado” when I meant “cansada.” Now, mind you, I was in the kitchen by myself… no one to hear my bumbling of words. And yet… I still felt embarrassed. Silly, right?

But that got me thinking. I rarely feel embarrassed when I stumble over my words in English. I just correct myself and move on. Even when I’m on stage delivering a presentation, a misspoken word won’t rattle me. It won’t make me feel silly. Or embarrassed. Or incompetent.

And I thought… well, that’s interesting.

I’m more comfortable making mistakes with something I know forwards and backwards than with something I’m learning.

How about you? Do the mistakes you make when you’re learning something pull a bigger emotional response from you than the mistakes you make doing something you know you’ve mastered?

I’ll bet for most people they do. And the reason is that mastery imparts confidence.

When you have something down pat, it doesn’t affect your opinion of yourself if you make a mistake. You know you know what you’re doing. A mistake doesn’t change that.

But when you’re still learning, a mistake highlights that you don’t yet know what you’re doing.

So, what does all this mean? Well… when you understand why something makes you uncomfortable, it can be easier to do it in spite of the discomfort. It can even lessen the discomfort… or do away with it altogether!

Think about something in your web-writing business, where when you make a mistake, you immediately feel embarrassed or anxious. Chances are, you haven’t mastered that thing yet.

And mastery really just comes with repetition. So if you practice that thing more, it will get easier and easier… and when you do make mistakes, they won’t seem like a big deal. Plus, if you recognize that you’re still learning and that’s why mistakes freak you out… chances are, the mistakes won’t be so unpleasant going forward.

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That’s all for now. Make it a great week!


Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.


  • Hi, Heather. Thanks for the article. I have had the same experience with feeling embarrassed. I don’t want to look incompetent on the new thing I am working on. And practice makes us experts. It seems Duolingo is a great teacher and something for us to consider modeling. It gives gentle corrections and there is a blog of more information from the other users. Talk about getting to know your audience. They continue to build a better teaching tool by listening regularly to their students and tracking what happens during the classes. I enjoy the steady, practical application and sense of accomplishment I get along the way. My favorite thing is I get great ideas from learning another language. English is derived from many other languages. Learning some of those languages has given me an insight into the back story, real meaning and emotions of some words. I travel to Hispanic countries often, so Spanish has been a must and my favorite. I used it in a Spanish immersion stay in Panama and learned more about life, retiring and business in this country. A year ago I used some Irish lessons before going to Dublin and Northern Ireland . It helped me in some of the smaller towns and rural areas where Gaelic and English are both spoken. I have maintained some of my Irish and British contacts in my industry and just great friends.

    • I love Duo. That’s a great tip about Ireland. We’re planning a trip this summer so I’ll have to dip my toes into the Gaelic lessons.

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