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Do you make agreements with yourself?

It can be a useful form of self-negotiation when you’re struggling with things like giving into distractions, doing things you wish you wouldn’t, or even being hard on yourself.

Making an agreement with yourself is a little different from imposing rules on yourself.

Rules tend to make a lot of people bristle. If you tell yourself, no more eating sugary snacks, you’re imposing a rule on yourself. And before too long, you’ll rebel. (Not everyone rebels, but it’s pretty common.)

On the other hand, an agreement taps into that innate human desire almost everyone has to be consistent and to live up to their word.

So, an agreement might be, “I know sugar isn’t good for my health and that I’ve been eating too much of it. I’ll make an agreement with myself to only have two of my favorite cookies after lunch. Otherwise, I’ll reach for healthier snacks.”

There’s a little give-and-take there. And, whenever you’re struggling with something, there’s a part of you that wants to engage in the “bad” behavior and a part of you that wants to do what you “should.” When you make an agreement, you’re indulging both sides.

For me, that tends to be much more effective at keeping me on track than just telling myself what I have to do or can’t do.

So what kind of agreements can you make to enhance your writing business?

Here are a few that pop into mind:

  • “I know putting time into marketing my services is important and that I tend to put that off. I’ll make an agreement with myself to spend the first hour of each day making new connections.”

  • “I know I take on more work than I can handle sometimes, and that leads to feeling burned out. I’ll make an agreement with myself not to work past six in the evening.”

  • “I know I tend to work best in the morning hours, but I let myself get distracted by email and news. I’ll make an agreement with myself to shut off my email and focus on my most demanding project before lunch.”

As you can see, you can use agreements with yourself in a variety of ways. Think about the things you struggle with in building your business — or in anything else for that matter. What are the different directions you’re being pulled in? Can you make an agreement with yourself that will help you do more of the things you want to do?

Give it a try. Write down your agreements and review them in the morning and again at the end of the day. I’m willing to bet after two weeks, you’ll see a positive difference.

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Heather Robson

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