Member Update: What’s Your Baseline?

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I play recreational soccer. Over this past weekend, I had a game Saturday evening.

Now, I’d had an earache for two days. I felt fine otherwise, but I also know that an earache, for me, usually points to a virus of some sort. Since I was feeling fine, though, I went to play in my game.

Sure enough, I did not have my usual stamina, control, or focus.

If you haven’t ever played indoor soccer, it’s fast-paced with a lot of short sprints, direction changes, and explosive movement… interspersed with slower moments. It’s demanding. On our team, we try to go with everything we have for three to five minutes before subbing out for a minute or two.

Normally, that’s no problem. But this game, after playing for two minutes, I felt like my legs were full of sand and my lungs were on fire.

It was not the most fun I’ve ever had playing soccer. But, I learned something important.

My baseline soccer skills have come a long way from a year ago.

Despite my fatigue, I still scored two goals and made several key passes I was able to maneuver my way out of trouble, even when being double-teamed, and making runs off the ball has become almost automatic.

That’s good news, because one of the best ways to measure how far you’ve come is when you have to perform in a compromised state.

When you’re on and feeling good, you’re working to do your best — or better than what your best has been.

When you’re sick or distracted by the bumps life sends at you, you’re usually just trying to put forth something that will be at least adequate.

It’s useful, when that happens, to go back and review what you did when you weren’t at your best. How does it stack up to your past work?

If your work in a slump is stronger than your best work a year ago, that means you’ve come a long way.

So next time you’re having an off day, instead of getting frustrated with yourself, look at it as a chance to measure your progress. If you’ve been reading about writing, putting in the practice, and getting feedback, you might be surprised at how far you’ve really come!

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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