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I was reading an article last week and I came across an idea that struck me as useful to web writers… even though the context of the article had nothing to do with web writing or freelancing.

The notion was this: When things are not how you want them to be, the tendency is to ask yourself how you got there. And how you can do away with whatever it is that’s less than ideal: lack of time, stress, lack of money, no clients… That seems rational enough, and it can be a productive line of thinking.

But instead of doing that, it’s often even more productive to ask yourself how you can get more of what you want.

How can you have more time? How can you enjoy your work more? How can you relax more? How can you have more money?

It’s not always the case, but often when things aren’t progressing the way you’d like, it’s because of a lack of action. Focusing on how you don’t have enough time or money or discipline or how you have too much stress might not lead to solutions. You may need to look at the other side of the coin to find the answers.

So, let’s see how this works in action.

Say you don’t have enough money in the bank to quit your day job, and the stress of trying to build a freelance business while working full time is beginning to drive you crazy.

Your first inclination is to ask yourself, “Why don’t I have more money in the bank?” The answers you might come up with are things like:

  • I had to unexpectedly pay to fix my furnace.
  • My car insurance rates when up.
  • I went out to dinner too much.

Notice these things are either out of your control or they creep awfully close to beating yourself up. And for whatever reason, when we humans are feeling down on ourselves, we tend to do more of the things that we’re trying to avoid… like spending money.

Now, if you ask yourself, “What do I need to do to put more money in the bank?” the answers you come up with might include:

  • Save $25 a week for emergencies, so I don’t have to dip into savings.
  • Cut back on eating out from four times a month to two times a month.
  • Get up one hour earlier to do freelance work.
  • Trade in my car for something with a lower payment.

When you take this approach, you’re in control. You’re not punishing yourself. You’re just coming up with ideas to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Give this a try in your own writing life and see where it leads.

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Heather Robson

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