Three Tools in Word You’re Not Using but Should Be

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Microsoft Word. Does it frustrate or intimidate you? Do you find yourself wanting to do things beyond creating simple documents and printing, but just aren’t sure how?

If you master a few of Word’s more advanced features, you can crank out any complex document you want. For example, with just a handful of Word’s tools — templates, theme and style sets, and watermarks — you can immediately give your work a more professional look and feel.

Before we begin, a quick note. The instructions I outline here follow Word 2016, so if you are using a different version, you may have to adapt. Usually, the steps are similar enough that you’ll be able to figure them out based on what you find here. But when in doubt, you can use a Google search with your version of Word to find the specific steps.

Now, let’s look at how these three Word tools work…

Tool Number One: Creating a Working Template

Do you ever find yourself re-creating the same document for a recurring project?

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you write blog posts for a client. And they like things submitted in a very specific format. They want the headline to have a specific appearance, they want three sections of copy followed by a numbered list, and then they want reference links at the end. It’s the same every time.

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Sandy Braccey

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  • Wow! I could have used this years ago. As they say, You learn something new every day! I will use these tips often! Thank you so much. Toni D.

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