Reality Blog: How One Simple Change Can Increase Your Productivity

Teacher writing while looking at a tablet computer in a classroom

I’ve made one simple change to my writing routine.

A simple change, and my productivity has increased out of sight. When I sit down to write, my head is clear and I’m ready to get started.

So what’s the secret?

Sitting in the Shade

Before we get to the secret, allow me to paint you a picture of where I am right now.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a slightly reclined camping chair. My left leg is resting on the foot rest, my right foot hooked up on top of my left knee. I’m wearing shorts and my feet are bare. It’s summer and the Australian sky is bright blue between the gum trees and scrub just in front.

There’s a breeze, just enough to move the hot air. Peta and I are sitting in the shade of our awning. The day is hot, yet we’re comfortable.

Writing under an awning in the outback.
Another hard day at the office!

The only sounds are the rustling of the hot breeze, an occasional bird braving the mid-afternoon heat, a large goanna rummaging in the undergrowth, and the constant buzz of bush flies (tiny flies, yet quite possibly the most annoying creatures in the world!).

The bush flies are bored. They lay bets with each other, to see who can make it the furthest up my nose before being expelled in a giant sneeze.

Glancing up, I notice a beautiful grey, black, and yellow bird preening itself not two yards away.

And I have my iPad.

It perches lazily on my right leg, threatening to slide off at any time. I’m typing this very article, pausing often to gaze into the bush (woods)… inspiration is out there somewhere.

And then it happens. Inspiration strikes. My mind clears, and my thoughts are only for this article. The distractions fall away.

And herein lies the secret.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

Andrew has traded the daily grind for a life on the road. He loves the lure of Australia’s wide-open spaces, solitude and isolation. Andrew and his wife Peta are experienced remote travelers, living the simple life on the road. They travel, work and live in their 4x4 truck camper. Andrew plans to build his Money-Making Website Top Wire Traveller to the point where it provides a regular income... enough to sustain their lifestyle on the road.


  • Wow. I never considered using my iPad to write. I use it just like my laptop – with all the distractions. I just might give this a try. Plus, it’s easier to carry around. Thanks for the insight!

    • Hi Tina, I love using my iPad now. It’s so easy to use and so portable! Just remember to click the Aeroplane mode button…

  • This is a great idea. I’m definitely prone to distractions. I don’t like the idea of having too many devices, but if it’s for de-cluttering my mental work environment that’s a pretty good reason to consider it.

  • Hi Rebekah,
    It definitely works for me! I didn’t realise how distracted I was until I started using my iPad.

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