Member Update: One More Reason to Hit Your Deadlines

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Last week went a bit off the rails.

My daughter — the one away at college — got sick. She called in the middle of the night, and she needed help. Fortunately, for us ‘away at college’ is only a 30-minute drive.

I stumbled my way into some clothes, while my husband gathered up anything he thought might help her feel better.

She had a rough night, and I didn’t sleep much.

In the morning, I was faced with a dilemma. Try to work through my day on almost no sleep while taking care of my daughter… or ask for help.

There’s a lot of pride that goes with getting everything done, even at great personal cost. And it was tempting to suck it up and power through.

But when I thought about it objectively, I knew that trying to do it all meant I wasn’t going to be at my best for anyone.

So as soon as the workday began (and even before, in some cases), I started texting and emailing the clients who were expecting things from me during the day.

I told each one what was going on and asked if there was the possibility to shift some things around.

Down the line, they answered yes.

It was hard to do because it’s not something I do very often. But it felt good to have each of those clients express concern, encourage me to take care of myself and my family, and to know that it wasn’t affecting their perception of me or my services.

You’ve heard, I’m sure, more than a time or two, the importance of making your deadlines, of keeping in good communication with your clients, and delivering your best work.

This is one of the reasons why you do it. When you build a reputation of reliability with your clients, if something does come up — like a family illness — they’ll have an easier time accommodating you. Because they trust you wouldn’t ask unless it was absolutely necessary.

So meet those deadlines… it really does make a difference!

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That’s all for now. Make it a great week!

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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