Social Media — Saying a Lot in a Little Space — Practice Assignment Brief

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Social media is becoming an essential part of any business marketing model.

Through social media, businesses can distribute their content, react to the goings-on in their industry, help with customer service issues, inspire, entertain, educate, and connect.

Here’s the thing, though… most businesses still aren’t very good at social media.

They’re too stodgy. Or they’re always promoting. Or they aren’t sure what audience they’re trying to connect with… and how to do that.

They need the help of social media marketers and writers. Desperately.

Which means there is a huge opportunity for writers like you.

And that brings us to our latest Practice Assignment.

Setting up a social media plan for a local business.

Here are a few things you should consider about social media:

  • The voice stays consistent with the brand, but the tone is more informal because the setting is more informal.

  • It’s okay to promote on social media sometimes, but it is primarily a conversational platform.

  • Messages are short, so you need to stay on point.

  • Social media isn’t a one-way street. Make sure your plan includes responding to comments and to other posts.

A good social media presence is often the first step in your engagement funnel (or your client’s). It’s how people find you and get to know you. It’s often their point of entry to your website. So it’s worth doing well.

You can learn about writing for social media from these Wealthy Web Writer resources:

This Practice Assignment is meant to get you thinking about how to design a social media marketing and writing plan to help a client connect with the right audience and attract more leads.

So, without further ado, here is our fictional client and our fictional creative brief.

Your Creative Brief

The Client: Forks and Knives

The Overview: This is a trendy urban restaurant that primarily uses locally sourced food. They have a busy happy hour, but a slow lunch hour. They also have meeting spaces that are going under-used.

The Audience: Business professionals who work nearby.

The Project: Write a social media marketing plan that contains the following elements:

  • The three social media platforms you recommend.

  • Key phrases to include in the profiles.

  • A brief summary of the tone the social media accounts will use.

  • Recommendations for posting frequency.

  • Recommendations for post types (special offers, inspirational quotes, special events, random thoughts, curated posts, etc.)

  • Provide sample posts for each recommended post type, and a percentage for each. For example, you might suggest that 20% of posts be promotional, 20% be inspirational quotes, 50% be curated content from industry influencers, and 10% be random thoughts and observations. (This mix doesn’t really make sense for a restaurant, so don’t copy it. Come up with your own!)

Getting Feedback on Your Work

Here at Wealthy Web Writer, we believe there are three primary ways to improve your writing. Read good stuff. Write a lot. And get feedback on your work.

Once you have a draft of your social media marketing plan, you can ask for feedback in a number of ways.

  • You can share it with your network of fellow writers and ask them to give you an honest review.
  • You can share your work with our Online Copywriters group to solicit feedback there.
  • Or you can submit your assignment to me for a possible live review on Wealthy Web Writer.

For each Practice Assignment, we choose at random several submissions to review in a live webinar event. Now keep in mind, we can’t guarantee a review. We almost always receive too many submissions to include them all. But by submitting your assignment, you are agreeing to have it reviewed in a public forum, if selected.

All right, now that we’ve refreshed the rules, it’s time to get to work.

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