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A well-crafted website homepage does a lot of work in a little space.

It welcomes first-time visitors and very quickly helps them to see what the site is about. It clearly and concisely conveys the site’s purpose, who it is for, and the benefit it offers. It invites the visitor to take action — maybe sign up for an email list, take advantage of a special offer, or move deeper into the site.

A good homepage also helps return visitors get to where they are going quickly — whether that is to newly published content, buying recommendations, or an account dashboard.

Because of the unique role of a homepage, it takes extra effort to write… and that makes it a high-value project for web writers.

It also makes it a perfect candidate for a Practice Assignment.

Wealthy Web Writer Practice Assignments

Most months, Wealthy Web Writer offers members the option to participate in a Practice Assignment exercise.

This gives you a chance to try your hand at a specific type of project using information similar to what you might receive from an actual client.

It also gives you the opportunity to get feedback on your work.

You can:

  1. Work on the Practice Assignment and share what you’ve done with your network of fellow writers, with other people you trust to give you honest and useful feedback.

  2. You can post the Practice Assignment to Online Copywriters (our Facebook Group) and solicit feedback there.

  3. Or you can submit your assignment to me for a possible live review on Wealthy Web Writer. For each Practice Assignment, I select submissions (randomly) to review in a live webinar event. (Submitting your assignment does not guarantee it will be selected, but by submitting it, you agree to the live review if it is selected.)

Getting feedback on your work is one of the fastest ways to improve your skills, so I hope you’ll join in this exercise.

Let’s Have a Look at the Brief

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