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Date: May 7, 2019
Time: 12pm, Eastern Time
Topic: Achieving Goals
Presenter: Heather Robson

Do you have a big goal you’d like to achieve this year? Or even a medium-sized one?

A fun way to make progress toward your most important goals is to set up a daily Challenge for yourself.

You could do something every day for 30 days… or 60… or for the whole summer.

In this month’s Member Update, Heather Robson will talk about the benefits of doing a daily Challenge. She’ll give you some tips for making your Challenge a wild success. And, she’ll even give you some ideas for what your Challenge might be.

Also during our update, you’ll get to hear about:

  • Great content you may have missed
  • Upcoming events on Wealthy Web Writer
  • Answers to commonly asked questions — including your own if you bring them or post them in the comments.

Join us for this fun and motivating event!

Enjoy the Playback

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  • My daily challenge (goal) will be to attempt to contact a prospective client, at least one every day and to follow-up with them every 3 days. I am accepting this challenge because I am very bad at initiating client contact. The reason being I get involved with something and simply forget. (Just purchase the AWAI templates for business contact. Have already submitted to three places using the prospecting E-mail template.)

  • A daily challenge is just what I need to get a fire lit under me and get going. Since I missed the online event last week, I’m looking forward to listening to the event when its posted.

    I have to say I’ve learned so much from AWAI. Thank you! It just gets better.

  • This was an extremely helpful webinar for me. I have lost my daily organizing principle, which has left me flailing about with no sense of WHAT I should be doing and WHY I should be doing it. It’s easy to think of a “why,” i.e. putting food on the table, but I have to turn asking myself if/how my chosen activity will help into a habit. So I have been working on developing a daily checklist of tasks – yes, checking the WWW page is on it. My challenge is to turn my checklist into a daily routine/habit!

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