Reality Blog: The Perils of Social Media… And 4 Ways to Avoid Them

What A Blunder ! Duh Moment.

Social media can be like driving down a winding mountain road in thick fog. Every twist and turn has you on edge. You’re afraid at every bend.

What’s around the corner? Which way does the road go? At any moment, you could hit black ice or a rockslide or a fallen tree.

Yes, you’re driving, but you feel like a passenger… totally at the mercy of the road. You feel like you’re out of control.

In some ways, you are.

Be Independent

Social media channels are constantly changing and evolving. We’re all passengers being carried along for the ride. Yes, we decide what to publish, comment on, or share, but that’s about it.

Just when you’re feeling comfortable and making headway, YouTube changes their criteria. Or Twitter changes its algorithm. Or Facebook frets about losing market share… and overnight, your business page is suddenly all but invisible.

Your website is the one stable structure. It’s the mountain peak standing tall over the social media fog below. You control your website… the content, the feel, the layout, what audience you’re targeting. You’re in charge.

The same can’t be said for social media. So, how reliant should you be on social media channels?

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

Andrew has traded the daily grind for a life on the road. He loves the lure of Australia’s wide-open spaces, solitude and isolation. Andrew and his wife Peta are experienced remote travelers, living the simple life on the road. They travel, work and live in their 4x4 truck camper. Andrew plans to build his Money-Making Website Top Wire Traveller to the point where it provides a regular income... enough to sustain their lifestyle on the road.

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