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Do you have a big goal you’re working on right now?

Something major, like doubling your income from freelance writing clients? Or finally writing that book you’ve been wanting to write?

Maybe it’s a second business you want to set up, one that’s a little more passive in terms of income.

You could have a travel goal… or a goal for your community. A fitness goal… or a goal for personal growth.

Whatever your big goal is, how often do you think about it?

Here’s how it usually works…

When you first set your big goal, you’re excited. And nervous. You’re filled with a strange mix of confidence and self-doubt. The possibilities in front of you loom larger than life.

You’re living in your goal. You know what the next steps are. You think about it every day. You’re taking action. Everything is going as planned.

Fast-forward three months. Somewhere along the line, the excitement wore off. It’s not that you still don’t want to achieve the big goal, it’s just that… other things are happening. Things you need to take care of now.

You still need to get the kids to school in the morning. You still need to pay the mortgage. You can cite your goal perfectly if asked, but the last time you really thought about it in that excited/nervous way — and took meaningful action toward making it a reality — well, that was a while ago. Weeks, maybe a month.

How do you counter this very normal occurrence of life getting in the way of the changes you want the most?

One small step in the right direction is to recommit to your goals every day.

You’ve heard before to read your goal each morning, or to write it down each morning. The idea is to keep your commitment fresh in your mind. But a commitment is something more than rereading a promise you made to yourself.

It’s revisiting what that promise means and why you made it and thinking through what you need to do — today — to move you closer to it.

If you have a big goal that is starting to fizzle, start recommitting to it each day. Don’t just read it. Read it out loud. Think about what it means to you. Really live in the why behind it for a minute or two… and then write down one thing you’ll do during the day to move you forward.

And don’t go to bed until that one thing is done…

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That’s all for now. Make it a great week…

Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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