Reality Blog: The 4 Benefits of Writing Proposals for Clients

Writing a Proposal for a Client

When you’re discussing possible work with a prospective client, do you write a proposal?

The reason I ask is, a few weeks ago, a copywriting Facebook group was discussing proposal-writing. This thread was enlightening, to say the least.

Unpaid Work

You see, most people on the thread said they didn’t write a proposal. The overwhelming reason was they weren’t being paid to write a proposal, so why should they? I was shocked.

To my way of thinking, this logic is absurd. It’s like saying you don’t write quotations for prospects because they don’t pay you for them. Or you’ll only meet with them if they pay for your time.

Good luck getting clients with that attitude!

A proposal is absolutely essential. Why?

Why You Should Always Write a Proposal

A well-written proposal has four important benefits… for you and the prospective client. We’ll go through them one by one.

1. Don’t Make Them Think

Imagine you’re the client

You’ve spoken to this person once. They’ve assured you they’re a copywriter and have the skills you need. They sounded professional and assured you they’d meet the deadline.

The meeting’s over and a day passes. The copywriter sends you a price via email. It’s a brief introduction, then lists a price “to complete the project as we discussed yesterday.” And that’s it.

“Hold on, do they actually know what I want?” you think to yourself. “Where’s the Scope of Work? Are they going to charge me extras?”

So, you go in search of a second price.
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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

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