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Ben Settle likes to show web writers how they can ditch their clients and earn more in less time with a client-free income.

In fact, he promises that, once they get this new income stream set up, they can work only 10 minutes a day (most days), leaving them lots of free time for other things. Including client work if that appeals to them.

He spoke with Wealthy Web Writer’s Managing Editor, Heather Robson, about how he learned to make a good income as a copywriter, without the headaches that clients bring.

You can listen to the entire teleconference HERE.

Not a Very Auspicious Start

Ben always loved writing.

After graduating from college, he got involved with an MLM (Multi-level marketing organization). “They were all about stifling creativity,” Ben explained, “so I was in a vice-like grip of non-creativity” for several years.

Then he was introduced to copywriting.

It happened “kind of randomly,” he admitted, from a book that inspired him. Then he found writers like Dan Kennedy and realized that copywriters don’t have to work for ad agencies.

He loved the idea that he “could just write, and not have to deal with all those (MLM) people, go to conventions, and all that.”

After a few years, Ben came to “a weird realization” — the more he wrote, the more he got paid.

Turning Away from Clients

After a few years, though, Ben got tired of dealing with clients. “Learning the craft of copywriting is not difficult,” he explained, “but I had to learn to deal with clients.”

Although he’s had some really good clients, and learned a lot from them, he never really wanted to do client work. “At the end of the day, I don’t want to answer to anyone,” he told us.

He also realized he wanted his work to pay him what it was worth. After earning $8,500 for writing a sales letter — which he thought was good money at the time — he became frustrated when he found out his letter earned the company tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Ben began looking for a better way, and that has evolved into his present-day, client-free copywriting career.

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Susanna Perkins

Susanna was dragged back, kicking and screaming, into freelancing after losing her job in the banking meltdown in March, '09. One 3-month stint in an appalling temp job persuaded her to get serious about establishing herself as web writer. In March, 2012, she moved to a small town in Panama with her husband and three small dogs. After enjoying the writer's life in the culture of "buenas" and "mañana" for 2-1/2 years, she's returned to the US. At least for now.

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