Roving Report: Multiply Your Value with List-Building Skills

Web Marketing and List Building Concept

Do you know how to build an email list?

You should consider adding list-building skills to the services you offer your clients. Helping clients add customers to their email lists fits in well with what we’re already doing as writers and adds value to your client offerings.

Brian Edmondson is an expert list builder. He spoke with Heather Robson, Wealthy Web Writer’s Managing Editor, about how he developed the specialty, and how other web writers can use it to improve their businesses.

You can review the entire teleconference HERE.

How Brian Got His List-Building Start

In the early 2000s, Brian attended a conference sponsored by Early to Rise, which was an Agora publication at the time. There, Brian learned about the Agora marketing model — drive traffic, build a list, and then follow up and make offers.

At the time, he was just starting his own business. He was driving traffic to his website, and making money with AdSense ads and affiliate marketing, but he knew he could do more.

After the conference, he implemented what he learned and started building his email list. Soon after, with a list of about 1,200 names, he mailed a promotion for an affiliate and made about $15,000 in sales in one week.

He was thrilled with the results. “I was competing with big marketers with huge lists,” he explained, “but I ended up beating out a lot of those affiliates with a really small list.”

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Susanna Perkins

Susanna was dragged back, kicking and screaming, into freelancing after losing her job in the banking meltdown in March, '09. One 3-month stint in an appalling temp job persuaded her to get serious about establishing herself as web writer. In March, 2012, she moved to a small town in Panama with her husband and three small dogs. After enjoying the writer's life in the culture of "buenas" and "mañana" for 2-1/2 years, she's returned to the US. At least for now.

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