Member Update: What do I want?


How often do you ask yourself that question?

I asked myself just that the other day, in a broad, general way, and I was a bit surprised by how much I had to think to come up with an answer.

In part, that’s because I’m pretty content with my lot. I like the work I do. I love spending time with my family. I have activities I enjoy, people I look forward to seeing…

So where does that leave me in terms of what I want?

As I thought about the question more, I realized, I want to travel more. Handy since we’re about to set off on a three-week road trip around Ireland and Scotland.

I want to volunteer more and in a more meaningful way. A lot of my volunteer hours go into helping organizations that assist people. I do grunt work like repacking food for the local foodbank or light housekeeping for the local Ronald McDonald House.

I’d like to find volunteer activities that let me connect more with people.

I want to spend more time outside having adventures.

Just asking the question and reflecting on it has me thinking about how I might change some things going forward, so I can have more of what I want.

That question is useful to ask in more specific circumstances too.

If you’re having a difficult conversation or time in general with a spouse or a business partner, asking yourself “What do I want?” can help you clarify what you need to communicate.

Often we get caught up in scoring points or not backing down and we lose sight of what finding resolution would look like. By asking yourself “What do I want?” it helps you focus and communicate more productively. It can also open you up to hearing what the other person wants, which makes it easier to find common ground.

If you’re feeling discontented with your job or your business, asking yourself what you want can provide direction there too. If you don’t ask yourself this important question, you run the risk of getting caught up in other people’s goals. If you do ask yourself and then think through the answer and write it down, chances are you’ll have a much easier time carving a path to get where you want to be… because you’ll actually know where you’re going.

When you’re starting something new or find yourself feeling dissatisfied, start asking what you want. Think through the answer. It’s a great way to focus your thoughts and clarify what’s important to you.

And ask yourself that question in a broad way from time to time too… it will help you uncover things that will bring more meaning and purpose to your life.

It’s a simple question, but it can bring you a much deeper level of satisfaction with what you’re doing.

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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